NewLife Cancer Clinic (NLCC) specialises in treating Cancer through traditional Ayurvedic and natural alternative methods. NLCC provides most effective medicines by consistent research and with adoption of 5000 years old formulae based on cow urine therapy. It takes special care in preserving all the organic values of the ingredients while preparing our medicines.


Our medicines are customised for each patient's individual physical condition which is highly effective in treating Cancer, cost only a fraction of traditional treatment and have ZERO side effects.

At NLCC, we believe in making treatment convenient for the patients and their families. We provide consultation online or by phone. Our experts formulate customised medicines based on lab reports and medicines are couriered to the patients. Some of the patients who have benefited with our medicines are listed below.


"​I am very grateful and I am very glad to inform that you have done a meritorious job as an Ayurvedic Doctor. My father was suffering from cancer but because of you he is doing well after your treatment. By god’s grace you were sent like god… 

-Suresh Gowda

“There is a hope when there is no hope and that hope is Dr Shantharaman....

-Shrinidhi K

Available Treatments

“I was diagnosed for my stage-1 breast cancer in April 2014... and Dr. Shantharaman has immense knowledge and experience in treating cancers with cow urine based ayurvedic medicines....

-Lakshmi Gudi