Hi all,

I am Mrs. Lakshmi Gudi from Hyderabad. I was diagnosed for my stage-1 breast cancer in April 2014 and underwent surgery. I was advised by my oncologist to take eight chemotherapies followed by 25 radiations. I took first four chemos and had lot of side effects like diarrhoea, weakness and of course hair loss too. I was searching for some alternate medicine instead of chemotherapy. Meanwhile I came to know about Dr. Shantharaman through a close friend in Bangalore who also had referred him to many of his friends and relatives for the treatment of many types of cancer in different stages. Dr. Shantharaman has immense knowledge and experience in treating cancers with cow urine based ayurvedic medicines. I immediately contacted him and was very happy to know that I can stop my chemotherapy and radiation if I

take his medicines. So, I started taking the medicines and felt really good and energetic and got rid of all the bad effects of chemo. Dr. Raman says, “the medicines not only work for cancer but take good care of the  functioning of all the other organs of the body”. Now, I just go to the oncologist for my yearly check- ups. My whole body PET-CT scans of last year and this year are absolutely normal. I am now living a very normal life and continuing my routine exercises and walking. I have been referring many of my friends and relatives to Dr.Shantharaman and they are also benefitted by his treatment.


Thank you all for reading this.



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“There is a hope when there is no hope and that hope is Dr Shantharaman. Amazing person with

remarkable knowledge about disease and its treatment. My father was suffering from liver cancer in an advanced stage. Almost all experienced allopathy doctors had given up hope, saying not much hope for more than 6 months. Later when I have tried with Dr Shantharaman’s cow therapy medicine it worked like miracle. Now it is almost 6 months and my father is doing really great and his scan reports says same as well. I strong recommend everyone to visit try his medicine if you are suffering from any type of cancer in any stage. Anyone can contact me on 9916625001 for more clarification or to cross verify the same. Finally cheers for Dr Shantharaman, truly a living legend!”

-Shrinidhi K
(+91 - 9916625001)
-Lakshmi Gudi
(+91 - 9346454377)

“I am very grateful and I am very glad to inform that you have done a meritorious job as an Ayurvedic Doctor. My father was suffering from cancer but because of you he is doing well after your treatment. By god’s grace you were sent like god … my whole family friends in my village are very grateful to your service that we cannot forget. We all pray to God to bless you in your life and profession Thank you Doctor. We always pray for your well-being. 

-Suresh Gowda
(+91 - 9845014140)

I think it's worth being a testimonial for the 'Dr. Shantharaman '.

My dad is an esophageal Cancer patient who under went surgery twice. But he couldn't get rid of it.

We finally decided to take him to Dr. Shantharam.

My dad's thyroid level was very high , the doctor promised to bring it to a normal level and he did in 2 months.

Now my father is in good health. Now, I strongly believe that he will be cured from cancer completely !

Thank you Dr. Shanthram I am indebted to you!!!

-Raj Kiran

My dad was diagnosed with stomach carcinoma stage 3 in November 2015. It started with

indigestion and minor pain in the stomach in MAY 2015. He underwent all type of blood and urine test as per doctor’s advice. The results shows ever thing is normal. But the pains in the stomach never vanish. One of my cousin who is a doctor advised to go for endoscopy. He underwent endoscopy and the tissue was sent to biopsy, the result showed presence of carcinoma in the stomach. He was advised to go for a CT scan for entire abdomen for further investigation. They find out a thick 8cm growth in the bottom part of stomach near duodenum with a very narrow passage. He was referred to an oncologist. As the condition being very serious and the extent of carcinoma was not known. He was advised to go for an operation to remove the growth as soon as possible .he was operated with 70% of the stomach removed and back home after spending a week in the hospital. We find out from friends that Dr Jain clinic was giving Ayurvedic medicine for cancer. We immediately approached Dr, Raman and explained to him about our dad’s condition. He specially prepared Ayurvadic medicine for my father and advised to start the medication immediately. My father started taking Ayurvadic medicine for 7 months along with Chemotherapy pills. We took 6 cycles of chemo without any side effects.

He was advised to go for PT scan after 3 months of diagnosis. Surprisingly the result is amazing

shown no traces of carcinoma in his body and all major organs were clean.

Again one more PT scan was carried last month the results were very good and all the major

organs are clean and no traces of any carcinoma in his body. The Ayurvadic medicine helped him

a lot to cure his illness and also subsidised the side effects of chemo.

We are glad to have consulted Dr Raman from Ayurvedic cancer Clinic Bangalore at the right

time. He correctly diagnosed and advised right medication to my dad, and he is completely

cured. We would recommend Dr Raman (NewLife Cancer Clinic) to our friends who have family members or their friends who have similar or other type of carcinoma. We will strongly believe that you will not disappointed

-Prasad Rajendra (Singapore)
+65 91795789

My name is Balasubramanyam.H.R frm Mysuru & I'm a patient of diabetic millitas for the past 9 yrs. For d past 7 yrs I hve taken tablet no.1 Glucomate GP1 in addition to ths for the past 2 yrs tablet no.2 PPG met1 after taking tablet no.2 I felt discomfort. My friend advice to consult Dr.Shantharam of Jain clinic Mittal tower MG road Bangalore. Before consulting to Dr. the level of glucose in my blood ws 140-260. I consulted Dr.Shantharam an Ayurvedic Dr. & He given me Ayurvedic medicines by taking these medicines regularly for the past 3 months the level of glucose in my body was controlled 70-140 & I hve discontinued tablet no.2 for the past 2 months. Now I'm comfort & taking my regular food like tiffen & 2 meals a day. I'm very thankful to Dr.Shantharam & Grace to God. And also I pray God that Dr.Shantharam's services to reach the people who are suffering like me.

-Balasubramanyam H.R

I want to thank you immensely for your treatment to my brother Mr B R Manjunath. 


He was suffering from pancreatic cancer and all the doctors we consulted earlier had given up on him. We too were very distraught looking at his condition and were slowly losing hope.


We happened to get your contact information through a mutual friend and we are glad we did. Your treatment that you prescribed to Mr Manjunath has made him a new person. He is able to do all his day to day activities very comfortably and he is no longer dependent on anybody for any of his tasks. He has regained his energy and has started to look more healthy and cheerful. He has renewed his hope to live and this has greatly improved his personal family life.


I thank you very much for your help and I hope many more patients have the good fortune of consulting with you.

-B.R Indira